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Agnostic Front

Jimmy Stigma

The year was 1982. The place, New York City. Who'd guess that almost twenty years later a band first called Zoo Crew would emerge as the seldom contested, always respected Godfathers of Hardcore - AGNOSTIC FRONT?
Anarchists of Colour A group of musicians of color who "disgrace their stereotype" by putting on great rock shows (web site by Lundo)
Apocalypstik Apocalypstik's progressive punk and driving rock n' roll sound is coupled with witty lyrics, strong melodies, and sweet three-part harmonies. Lead singer Aria will fire you up with her antics on punk tunes, and mesmerize you on low-light ballads.
Banana Fish Zero "... the funniest, intelligent and most wickedly gifted group of rock musicians around - three guys with absolute command of guitar, drums and bass..."
- The Washington Times
Gina (guitarist - Lunachicks), Pete (drummer - FireGods), and "master of bottom", Doug-O rock the crowds with their unique sound, a mesh of punk influences, heavy rock grooves, and haunting melody layered with pop sensibility.
Blowtop This STONER PUNK ROCK BAND has a unique sound that draws its influences from the vast pool of early nineteen seventy pre-punk bands such as Blue Cheer, MC5, and Grand Funk Railroad.
Hard, fun, entertaining street-fighting rock-n-roll; devastated by the the loss of fireman/guitarist Johnny Heff in the WTC disaster. The band and their music live on!
Candy Ass Four very hot hard-rockin' chicks!
Candy Darlings an amalgamation of many years of striving to become the embodiment of rock, searching outside and inward, trying any and all combinations for the perfect chemical reaction.
Coyote Shivers Ex-New Yorker living in L.A., but he plays here sometimes; great sharp-edged romantic songs with wit, cool guy
The Cyclones Jack Sabbath plays drums, Dusty Sandusky does the rest - you know 'em, you love 'em. These two brothers sound miraculously like a fabulous fiery punk band. Concentrated punk energy!
Dean Dean & The Sex Machines Ever since reading George Tabb's NY Press interview and his review of their self-titled CD, I've been dying to hear them. It's all true, this band is awesome, and you'll never hear another lead voice like that of LL Cool Jodi.
Detox Darlings Dishing out their old time, over-proof blend of crystal-meth melodies, teeth grinding guitars and vocal firewater Detox Darlings pour out flaming shot after shot of top shelf, boiler making rock'n roll. They'll shock you to the floor and have you crawling back for more.
The Dictators Handsome Dick Manitoba is a frontman and a half, a top MC and shit-stirrer par excellance. He and his bandmates serve up heart and soul music for every occasion and their chemistry is what really sets them apart. After you add the chutzpah which their native NY has bestowed on them, yonder blue touch paper is history.
Dirty Lenin From the misty, marshy lands of Cockaignistan comes Dirty Lenin, with fire-like loins of rock and roll music to make you rock!!! The biggest stars of rock stage in whole of Eastern Europe now located now in America and enjoying rock and roll making successes with artistic freedoms. Dirty Lenin is too sexy for Eastern Europe and have home now in Brooklyn, New York City, USA!!!
Dirty Mary Jenn (vocals, guitar) and Margeaux (vocals, bass) rock heavy, and new members continue the hot hammering heavy metal rock; love 'em all!
The Drive The Drive was Rachel, Jea, Eva, and Sarah. Their music is a distinctive blend of alternative heavy rock, with sprinkles of pop-punk spirit right in tune with contemporary trends. Pounding rhythms, and sweet, yet driving melodies are the trademark of this group of girls.
Eggplant Queens This seven-piece band delivers hard-hammering syncopated rock. Three very different lead singers alternate, antiphonate, and join as one voice to give this bunch a very unique sound.
Father Divine "Though occasionally bands are sparse musically, like a box of macaroni and cheese (the four-for-a-dollar kind), Father Divine are like three or four Thanksgiving meals in one day. If the phrase 'structured chaos' makes any sense to you, then you'll appreciate their sound. In some tunes, there's a bigness at hand, like a mix between a rock opera and dark cabaret music. At other times, you'll hear shades of Tom Waits..." -
The most funky and amazing singer/guitarist Felicia Collins formed this band in 2001. See Felicia play nightly on the David Letterman show, and in many BITCH shows at Don Hill's.
Folk Fiction Goth cabaret with plenty of heart. Lead singer Thera will ensnare you with her performance.
Gaggle of Cocks "we're from new york city.
we play intense fuckin hard rock.
there are three of us.
yes, that constitutes a gaggle."
Girls On Top London-based trash rock band which rocked NYC in August 2001. (OK, so they're not "local", but I wish they were!)
GOD The Band New York City’s humblest rock band, GOD-The Band is this world's only self-coined "madcap rock band." Mixing the humor of the Marx Brothers and the sounds of groups such as Weezer and The Beatles, these five young chaps are completely distinguished in their niche of performance rock.
Hollywood Superstars Deranged and distraught former child star Shermy Sheldon ("NBC Failed Me" is the band's cries the band's logo) bathes himself and his surroundings in beer as he wails his tales of the treacherous treatment by the Tinsel Town Establishment.
Jane Jensen
(and the Dolls)
Absolutely gorgeous young Barbie-doll icon (and dear friend) Jane plus four other hot chicks in chokers make for great video; and the songs rock, heavy metal sound; Jane is currently doing new music in Los Angeles.
Jayne County A nice little site, assuming it's possible to describe anything involving the delectable Ms. County as nice. - Cliff McLenehan
The Kowalskis Nobody famous is in this band, and nobody who is the kid of somebody famous is in this band. The Kowalskis ARE fun. Born of Cartoons like Josie and the Pussycats, Monkees re-runs and listening to a vinyl copy of "Can't Stand The Rezillos" until you could see through it, the Kowalskis are all about the three minute pop-song with a jackhammer hook. Yeeeeow!
Les Baton Rouge I'm so blown away by this Germany-based band. Lead singer Suspiria is a pioneer punk gr-r-r-rl from Portugal, the music and energy are pure magic.
Like the Cyclone, Life In A Blender is a long-time Brooklyn institution that has been exhilarating--and possibly nauseating--audiences for years. Singer Don Ralph belts out his off-kilter musings backed by cellist Dave Moody, guitarist Al Houghton, bassist Mark Lerner, violinist Rebecca Weiner, drummer Ken Meyer, and horn player Mel Melon.
Mahavatar plays heavy, dark, melodic, groove-based tribal sounds with a touch of Middle Eastern flavor that culminates into an indisputable energy. While creating powerful hooks with shape-shifting atmospherics and rhythmic punch, Mahavatar touches the soul, moves the body and forces the listener to ask,"What the @#*$%?"
The band was formed by Karmen Guy and bass guitar legend, Sami Yaffa (Hanoi Rocks, New York Dolls) back in 1996.
Mother Goddess Awesome leader Maya Price puts it well: "attention needs to be drawn to the fact that it is NOT an abnormality for women to have something powerful and heavy to say....something that may not necessarily fit on the bill at lillith faire ....something with a bit more ovaries."
Murphy's Law Jimmy Gestapo and his band have been sustaining the legacy of New York Hardcore since 1984. This is far from nostalgia, this is more than just music, it's a movement. Crowds go wild at gigs, on and off stage, and Jimmy delivers succinct gems of vital political wisdom between songs. HARDCORE LIVES! Most recent addition is bassist Sami Yaffa (above).
Lead singer Meghan sings her poetic lyrics to a rocking band. Beautiful, mesmerizing music with a strong, engaging beat.
Pisser PISSER IS ROCK 'N' ROLL - and theirs is a weird & dangerous concoction of musical carnal knowledge to create a filthy-dirty, bluesy & raucous unrepentant groove, immediately felt deep within the recesses of the nether regions.
Porn Rock
Lead singer Pink Snow, with her experience as an exotic dancer and performer in the adult sex industry, extensive research into pornography and obscenity and the constitutional law surrounding these topics, and studies in feminism, envisioned Porn Rock to act as the medium for her passion and beliefs.
Portia There’s a sound garden blossoming faster than most have even had the chance to notice.  When we stop to smell the flowers we notice that it’s a crop of fortified talent….women that Rock, women that Roll, women of Soul.   Portia personifies the new sound of this garden.
A strong, sincere woman in the lead, and one of the best hard rock bands carrying the music to intense heights. What more could anyone ask?
Rock City Morgue Actually from New Orleans, headed by former Man Scouts of America singer Rik Slave, they've mortified NYC audiences with their shows.
Punk? Yeah, the real deal...hectic, eclectic, pumpin', thumpin', keeps you hummin' with the motor runnin'. Graduates of the school of hard knocks...face first. Dues paid to the year 3000. Coming soon to a theater near you...
This foursome's brand of rock and roll is no doubt hard as nails, but the thing that sets them apart is their melodic hooks. Their live show is not to be missed, their energy is contagious.
SKÜM Fern Burns, vocals - a delightfully maniacal go go psycho fireball cheerleader;
Kinky Cocktail, bass - the crown prince of perversion;
Cupcake, guitar - the devilishly diabolical demonic one;
and on drums, the sadistically and stylistically immoral - Oral Roberts.
A totally X-rated reincarnation of Young And Fabulous.
SLUNT a very loud band with a kick-ass thythm section & some hot-lipped girl (MTV2 VJ Abby Gennet) rockin' the mike & SG
Spott's songs are supported by two guitars, bass, drums, trumpet, and sax.
Spottiswoode has been compared to Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, and David Bowie. His response: "Tom Waits would never do anything in bad taste; Leonard Cohen couldn't be upbeat if he tried; Nick Cave is a prisoner of his own tortured hipness; David Bowie hasn't uttered an honest word in his life." In vain, he waits for a comparison with his true idol, Bob Dylan.
SUICIDE KING Suicide King is a quartet of punk rock stalwarts, led by 7-foot maniacal lead singer 4-Way (formerly of Bad Posture). Bass player Nick Marden played bass for New York City legends, The Stimulators. Shige, transplanted from Tokyo and joined up as a Suicide King after playing guitar for 4 years in the Hip Nips. Drummer Chip English (formerly of The Lunachicks) is their latest addition.
Supervillain Five veterans of the unforgiving streets of  New York, crusaders in the war on mediocrity and true believers in the cause. They come bearing the flame passed down from their ancestors. Bands like Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Bad Brains and Motorhead have shown them the way. Yeah, and they mean it!
The finest surf guitar injected punk rock since 1996
UncleFucker is NYC's premium bluegrass, punk rock extravaganza. Its masterful sound and style, a cross between a sunrise and a monster truck, features musical selections from classic bluegrass, gospel, rockabilly and country classics, and an attitude that makes Vince Neil seem like a choirboy.
VIAL Beautiful lead singer Tammy delivers heartfelt songs backed by intense rock musicians.
The X's Hard-rockin band led by BFZ's John Law, with Chris (GSX), Brett (Fuel), and Mike. (web site by Lundo)
X-Possibles The X-possibles are from NYC and have been together for 5 years. To categorize them simply as a punk band is impossible due to their vast influences. Their music embodies lust, anger, joy, violence; all the emotions connected to being ALIVE in a world that is not so pretty.